Vsat Project
Bringing our
Communities to
the Digital World

The government of Zimbabwe is implementing an internet connectivity program which seeks to have various entities connected to the global digital world. Among others, selected Schools, Zimbabwe Republic Police and National Council of Disabled Persons of Zimbabwe (NCDPZ) sites are part of this specific project.

The project is funded by POTRAZ and is being implemented by Dandemutande Investments an Internet Access Provider together with its subsidiary ISP Utande.

This document gives an overview of

✓ The Project introduction, scope and benefits
✓ The package – Data limits
✓ How to get Support if you need
✓ Communication procedure
✓ What happens when you finish your data
✓ Procedure to buy a top up
This document gives an overview of

✓ Overview Manage
✓ My Profile
✓ Redeem Voucher/Token
✓ Check Usage
✓ Current Historical usage
✓ Tools
✓ Knowledge Base
This document gives an overview of

✓ Anniversary Date and Cycle
✓ Billing Cycle
✓ Suspension of Services
✓ Equipment Rental
✓ Termination of Services
✓ Re-activation