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Consumer 10001Mbps/256Kbps15GB62.86
Consumer 20002Mbps/512Kbps20GB94.29
Consumer 40004Mbps/1Mbps25GB151.89
Consumer 60006Mbps/1.5Mbps35GB214.76
Consumer 1000010Mbps/2Mbps40GB277.62
Professional 20002Mbps/512Kbps50GB236.13
Professional 40004Mbps/1Mbps75GB336.13
Professional 60006Mbps/1.5Mbps125GB533.71
Professional 1000010Mbps/2Mbps250GB934.88
Professional 1500015Mbps/2.5Mbps350GB1327.65
Professional Unlimited1Mbps/512KbpsUnlimited891.51
Service Activation Fee34.5
VSAT Installation
Data Topup 1G16.5
Jola Easy 101Mbps10GB99.62
Jola Easy 301Mbps30GB241.94
Jola Easy 501Mbps50GB384.25
Jola Easy 751Mbps75GB569.26
Jola Easy 1001Mbps100GB740.03
Jola Easy 1501Mbps150GB1071.45
Jola Easy 2001Mbps200GB1419.34
Jola Easy 2501Mbps250GB1767.21
Jola Play 103Mbps10GB142.32
Jola Play 303Mbps30GB284.63
Jola Play 503Mbps50GB426.95
Jola Play 753Mbps75GB611.95
Jola Play 1003Mbps100GB782.72
Jola Play 1503Mbps150GB1113.2
Jola Play 2003Mbps200GB1461.07
Jola Play 2503Mbps250GB1808.96
Jola Excite 105Mbps10GB185.01
Jola Excite 305Mbps30GB327.32
Jola Excite 505Mbps50GB469.64
Jola Excite 755Mbps75GB654.65
Jola Excite 1005Mbps100GB825.42
Jola Excite 1505Mbps150GB1154.95
Jola Excite 2005Mbps200GB1502.82
Jola Excite 2505Mbps250GB1850.69
Jola Explore 1010Mbps10GB284.63
Jola Explore 3010Mbps30GB426.95
Jola Explore 5010Mbps50GB569.26
Jola Explore 7510Mbps75GB740.03
Jola Explore 10010Mbps100GB925.04
Jola Explore 15010Mbps150GB1252.36
Jola Explore 20010Mbps200GB1600.23
Jola Explore 25010Mbps250GB1948.1
Jola Exec 512K512Kbps19GB480.7
Jola Exec 1MB1024Kbps45GB1138.5
Jola Exec 2.5MB2560Kbps96GB2428.8
Jola Exec 5MB5120Kbps180GB4554
Jola SOS 10MB10Mbps1G85.39
Jola Regular Top-Up1GB10.68
Jola Exec Top-Up1GB42.69
Jola SOS Top-Up1GB34.15
Service Activation Fee
VSAT Installation


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