Webroot Antivirus

The Webroot anti-virus uses the Webroot trademarked Threat Intelligence Platform which is a proprietary cloud-based security analysis architecture designed for ‘next generation’ protection.

Webroot is a cloud based artificial intelligence machine learning function on a scale like no other. By capturing millions of characteristics and applying millions of weights to each one via supervised and unsupervised machine learning, a digital footprint for each malware threat in near real time is created.

Webroot antivirus end point protection

  • World leader in cloud-based IT protection against malware/spyware attacks, Trojans, and phishing
  • Automized management and support
  • Customized client dashboard for client branches and groups
  • Light on computer resources with rapid antivirus/
  • anti-malware scanning
  • Daily notifications of new installations and infections relating to specific devices and resolutions: Quarantine, blacklisting and white listing.

Smart thinking:

Malware detection
  • Behavior based
  • Unique cloud- based adaptive protection
  • No signature updates
  • Minimal user performance impact1MB with minimal footprint
  • All endpoints protected collectively & managed separately
  • Collective protection – strength in numbers
  • Any time a Webroot-protected device encounters a threat, all other endpoints are secured in real time
  • One click support
  • Most problems resolved in ten minutes or less
  • Customer satisfaction rating of over 94%
  • Rollback remediation automatically undoes changes made by malware
  • No need to reimage or wipe devices
Threat intelligence platform
  • Cloud based
  • Data from tens of millions of sensors is correlated and analyzed continuously
  • Machine learning backs highly accurate real-time analysis of URLs IPs, files, mobile apps, and phishing sites
Incident response
  • Integrates with Firewalls, access points, and MDMs to provide maximum up to date protection.