Advanced CCTV Video Analytics

Video Analytics Suite provides a powerful enhancement to the world-class, feature-rich Video Surveillance Management software, and significantly enhances the value of any CCTV surveillance installation. It goes beyond surveillance to offer the most sophisticated and fully integrated infrastructure and security management system that delivers maximum return on surveillance investment.

Seamless integration, easy installation and exceptional ease-of-use have made it the preferred surveillance software solution for the global retail, banking, mining, education, residential, commercial, healthcare, transport, logistics and city surveillance sectors.

The Video Analytics Suite includes:

  • Presence Detection
  • Enter/Exit Area
  • Line-Crossing
  • Motion Detection
  • Time or Stop in Area
  • Direction
  • Speed
  • Loitering
  • Object Detection
  • Appear/Disappear
  • Object Counting
  • Queue Length Analysis
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Placeholder image

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