• Visibility is crucial to your business and using that knowledge can make all the difference.
  • Our dashboard has been designed to give you all the critical data you require in just a few clicks. You can run any report or map for a single vehicle or your entire fleet. With the Dandemutande dashboard at your fingertips you will have complete access to your fleet and start to experience the benefits of being in total control of your business


  • It’s like having a virtual manager sitting next to your driver.
  • From protecting your business and reputation to the safety of your workforce our customised alerts (via email or SMS to an unlimited number of recipients) allow you unprecedented access and information to the critical factors that can impact your business.
    • Speeding and Excessive Idling Alerts – Help you to reduce fuel costs, maintenance costs and cut carbon emissions
    • Geo-Fence Alerts – Predefine Geofence locations such as your premises, your clients premises and rest stops and receive alerts when vehicles enter or exit Geo-Fences
    • Fatigue Management Alerts – Receive alerts when drivers breach regulated fatigue rest periods
    • Rollover Alert – Receive alerts when vehicle has rolled over
    • Harsh Braking Alerts – Receive alerts when vehicle brakes have been excessively applied
    • Theft Alert – Receive alerts when your vehicle has been moved when the ignition has not been turned on in the correct manner or is being towed without the ignition on


  • The ability to receive data across your fleet in real-time, enables you to adapt to any adverse conditions and always remain one step ahead.
  • This not only makes your job a lot easier, but it also allows you to have an edge on the competition.
  • The Dandemutande fleet management system provides customised and robust on-demand reporting that ensures you are in the driving seat and have exactly the information you need when you want it. This improves efficiency, reduces operating and maintenance costs and gives you total control over your mobile assets.
  • The Dandemutande fleet management system allows you to locate your vehicles on a map in seconds and is incredibly easy to use. A full reporting suite lets you download and review reports in real-time, as well as schedule reports to be automatically generated and sent to any email address.
  • Reports Include:
    • All Positions Report
    • Location History Report
    • Demurrage Report
    • Excess Idle Report
    • Driver Scorecard Report
    • Vehicle Scorecard Report
    • Service Due Report
    • Fatigue Management Report
    • Speeding Report
    • Utilisation Report
    • Trip Report (By individual, vehicle, or time)
    • Vehicle Work Summary Report
    • Vehicle History Report
    • Alerts Report (Speeding, Geofence, Fatigue, Excess idle etc)

Vehicle History

  • The historical data of your vehicles can become invaluable information to a fleet manager or services company.
  • The ability to review vehicle utilisation, daily usage and route selection aids in calculating better efficiencies and savings. This is a powerful tool in making informed business decisions and to plan accordingly for the future.


  • The ability to set virtual perimeters around a particular area allows a vehicle or expensive plant machinery to be monitored on a regular basis.
  • Alerts are very easy to set up and enable you to be aware of any activity outside of the Geo-Fencing.
  • Designed to meet your needs and offer peace of mind by improving security, operational control and proof of work.

SOS Alerts

  • Dash mounted SOS Switches and personal pendant mounted SOS buttons complete the remote worker safety solution.
  • The Dandemutande device in conjunction with SOS buttons allows remote staff to send an SOS signal via email and/or SMS to a number of recipients in the event of an accident, breakdown or any dangerous situation.

Driver Identification

Driver ID couples detailed information about a vehicle’s activity with specific driver activity letting you manage timesheets easily and make sure the right driver is carrying out the work you intended. With driver ID you can identify and reward efficient and safe drivers as well as identify development opportunities in others. Dandemutande’s driver ID helps you manage your resources and maintain your duty of care by linking records on driving licenses that help ensure drivers only drive vehicles they’re qualified for. And alerts can let you know when unidentified or unqualified drivers are moving your vehicles for extra peace of mind.