Knowledge Base

Admin URL:

Server Settings:
Incoming mail server: pop2.utande.co.zw: port 110/143
Outgoing mail server: pop2.utande.co.zw: port 587/TLS or port 10025 with no TLS

Webmail URL:

Admin url:

Server Settings:
Incoming:  pop.utande.co.zw port 143/110
Outgoing: pop.utande.co.zw: enable SMTP authentication, Port 587 with TLS or port 10025 with no TLS

Webmail url:

@umaxlife.co.zw and @utande.co.zw

  1. Incoming mail server: mail.umaxlife.co.zw
  2. Outgoing mail server: mail.umaxlife.co.zw
  3. User Name: enter your full e-mail address
  4. Select “require login using authentication (SPA)
  5. Click the “More Settings” button and then go to the “Outgoing Server” tab.
  6. Select “My Outgoing server requires authentication”.
  7. Select “Use same settings as my incoming”.
  8. Click on “advanced” tab,
  9. On Incoming Server tick “This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) 995”
  10. Outgoing Server port is 587 and Use the following type of encryption: TLS
  11. Click ok, next and finish