Get an IT Guy

Utande Business Solutions

Running a business can be a daunting task, particularly in this era of technological advancements. As a technology solutions company, we believe that Information Technology (IT) should be the gel that holds your operations together and propels yourgrowth. We understand that you cannot always have a dedicated ICT person to head this, as such Utande offers the following business solutions:


On premise

At any time, Utande will give you onsite support services for all your ICT hardware devices and servers.

Onsite support: $35 /hr (standard irrespective of number of gadgets)


You can come in for any kind of IT related support you need, at any of our Utande Shops in Avondale, Mutare, Victoria Falls and Bulawayo.

Laptops/desktops $20 (30 mins)
Tablet/cellphone $10 (15 mins)

Assist for home clients

We also offer assistance to our home users as follows:

Laptops/desktops $20 (30mins)
Tablet/cellphone $10 (15 mins)

Remote Assist

We can assist you wherever you are. We can log into our systems to resolve any identified issues.

Laptops/desktops $20 (30mins)
Tablet/cellphone $10 (15 mins)

Business Support

We also offer technical support and assistance to your business.

Remote access / Client brings server $45/hr
Onsite support $60/hr

Systems Administration

Computers and Accessories

Do your ICT devices often seem like foreign bodies? There is no need to crack your head over the intricate details, as Utande helps you configure, maintain and upgrade your gadgets in the workplace or at home.

Connection Control

We help you block unwanted traffic and keep your browsing experience clean through reliable firewalls. We also help you monitor and track your usage,thereafter providing you with statistics.


As an organization you should not be limited by potential cyber risks. Utande helps you protect ICT gadgets and data from being compromised by external threatsthrough a variety of offensive and defensive security services.


Utande will assist in the planning, deployment and maintenance of your LANs and WIFI networks.

Project management

Are you implementing a project that requires IT? We will work with you step by step to identify your needs and find IT solutions suitable for you. We keep our finger on the pulse of technological trends, therefore we can help you to keep up with global developments.