POTRAZ VSAT Project FAP ( Top up Token) Provisioning

Once a customer exhausts the allocated 100GB per month data before their 30 day cycle, the system will reduce Internet speeds to very minimal levels which will provide very limited use of Internet services. A customer has an option to buy a top-up token to use for the remainder of the period before new monthly data ( 100GB) is reloaded again.

The monthly allocated 100GB data is paid for (funded) but any Top-up Token beyond the allocated 100GB will be purchased/paid for by the customer as they are not part of the funded 100GB. Below is a simple process for a customer to get a top-up token allocated to their account.

1. The customers will have to call Dandemutande and request for a top-up

a) A quotation will be issued to the customer equivalent to 10GB . Incase 1 token is not enough a customer can buy many 10GB tokens unless this is not the case

b) Making a payment and providing proof – (Send your proof of payment by e-mail to accounts@dandemutande.co.zw stating your exact Site name clearly- For ZRP this has to be more clearer as there may be more than 1 connection at 1 station)

c) Crediting the top-up token to the Customer’s account by Dandemutande will be done by the Service Delivery department.

NB: No service will be provided until proof of payment has been provided.

For Quick support you can use the following
WhatsApp : +263772154265
Call : 08612000000 , 08612 003 000, 08612005000
Or Else use the communication matrix provided on the welcome pack.

The VSat Special Projects 10GB Token is payable in ZWL$ and is subject to change anytime and hence the need to confirm before making a payment