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What to Look For in a Info Room Program

A data bedroom software program should certainly give users the ability to control the information they may have access to. This means they can set security equipment and auditing features. The software program should be user friendly, with a great intuitive graphical user interface and wide file support. There should be customized interfaces for the purpose of several projects and clients. The best data bedroom software providers should also provide technical support, which is crucial to avoiding any type of force majeure situation.

A large number of businesses are employing data room software that gives granular secureness controls. The best data place software must also be fast and easy to use. It will also give users entire control over info, document publications, and individual access regulators. An effective data area software formula should also record user activity, so you can implement access settings in gekörnt detail. It should also integrate together with your existing IT system.

An information room software application is a great way to secure business data that help companies interact with each other more effectively. Data areas are usually included in mergers and acquisitions, plus they generally comprise private documentation that is of great value to the company. A lot of businesses ought to maintain records for tax and legal concerns, as well as important info about their intellectual asset. The data place software tool ought to make that convenient to manage all of these files and ensure that they remain secure at all times.

A lot of data space software service providers offer totally free trials to be able to try the software before spending money. A number of these free of charge trials may last a month, to help you evaluate the computer software and see just how it runs the tasks you require it to.

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Dandemutande partners Facebook to bring Express-Wi-Fi

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Dandemutande Investments, a leading ICT solutions provider is proud to announce a partnership with Facebook Connectivity to launch Express Wi-Fi in Zimbabwe. This innovative public Wi-Fi deployment initiative is an avenue to keep cities connected, allow for seamless communication channels and entertainment. 

Digital transformation is not a future trend, but it is a present reality. The world has become a digital workplace and playground which is enabled by fast and reliable connectivity. This makes Facebook Connectivity’s Express Wi-Fi platform the ideal public Wi-Fi model as it enables people to connect to Wi-Fi on their phones, computers and other smart devices. 

CEO of Dandemutande, Never Ncube said that this initiative ties in with Dandemutande’s mandate to be the most admired ICT solutions partner. 

“We are proud to have partnered with an innovative company such as Facebook on an initiative that further enhances our vision as an organisation to be a leading ICT Solutions partner locally and in the region. 

The enhanced use of digital platforms worldwide has made internet connectivity a number one priority, hence the need for Express Wi-Fi across the country”, said Ncube. 

The Wi-Fi hotspot service, which is running under the brand, “Express Wi-Fi by Facebook”, will enable Dandemutande to deliver internet connectivity over Facebook’s feature rich Wi-Fi management platform that includes online voucher purchases, reseller management, network optimisation and management amongst other features. 

Express Wi-Fi is a key component of Facebook’s connectivity initiative to bring more people online globally. It seeks to help internet service providers and mobile network operators provide Wi-Fi to those who are under-connected. This is a platform that helps service providers build, operate, grow, and monetize internet access over Wi-Fi in a sustainable and scalable way. Express Wi-Fi currently operates in more than 30 countries, including Brazil, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria, helping millions of people connect to fast, affordable, and reliable Wi-Fi every month.  

Dandemutande has begun deploying Wi-Fi hotspots across Zimbabwe. The Express Wi-Fi portal is user-friendly and initially provides complimentary access to Wi-Fi. Thereafter, a user can purchase vouchers. Express Wi-Fi gives people access to fast, affordable, and reliable internet so they can make connections that matter, download their favorite apps and stream various entertainment channels. 

For further information contact Cassandra Chuimbu-Maseko on 







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Protect your wp-config.php

The wp-config.php file is one of the most important, hence vulnerable files on your site. It hosts crucial information and data about your whole WordPress installation. It’s technically the core of your WordPress site. If something bad happens to it, you won’t be able to use your blog normally.

One simple thing you can do is take that wp-config.php file, and simply move it one step above your WordPress root directory. Your WordPress site won’t be affected at all by this move, but hackers won’t be able to find it anymore.

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Protect your devices against sudden power outages

Electrical appliances will, of course, stop working if the power goes out. This is inconvenient but not necessarily harmful. When electrical power comes back after an outage, it goes through a surge condition. This “tidal wave” of electricity can damage appliances left turned on.

During normal electrical conditions, appliances use electrical current according to their purpose and rating. The AC line voltage is normal and stable, and the motors, heaters and electronics in an appliance behave the way they were designed. The appliance uses a nominal amount of current.

When the utility restores power to an area, the wires, which were empty of electrical current, experience an inrush called a surge. During the surge, electricity flows in rapidly to fill the empty wires. Momentarily, the current flowing in greatly exceeds the nominal current that appliances were designed to handle.

The line voltage can surge when the current does, spiking the normal 220 volt line with 200 volts or more for brief periods. This can happen after blackouts, from lightning strikes, or for other causes. Severe voltage surges can damage or destroy most electrical equipment.

If the power goes out for an extended time, switch off or unplug electric lights and any appliances, including computers, televisions and refrigerators. When the power comes back on, let the electricity stabilize for a few minutes before turning appliances back on. For computers and expensive electronics, invest in power strips with surge suppressors or similar protective equipment.

You can also invest in surge protectors ahead of time. Some power bars come with built in surge protectors, and it’s a good idea to use these especially in places like your entertainment unit and office where your electronics are being used.

Another option is to have a professional electrician come and install a whole house protector. This type of surge protector is typically wired into your service panel or fuse box. While it is a more expensive option, it can save you thousands of dollars in by protecting your appliances, and it can also give you peace of mind, which is hard to put a price on.

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Utande at NASH Conference

Utande exhibited at this years’ annual National Assembly of Secondary School Heads (NASH ) Conference. Over 1500 school heads from around the country attended the conference. The conference was, held in Victoria Falls and ran under the theme “Education: A panacea for middle income Economy”. The conference saw education stakeholders calling for a collective effort in harnessing education towards the realisation of vision 2030

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Are you running a lodge or hotel in a remote location? We have the perfect solution for you

Did you know that business travellers represent the second largest source of revenue for most hotels and lodges? The number one need for these business travellers is fast and free WiFi access. However, slow internet has consistently ranked as the number one complaint among hotel guests. Utande can provide the answer to these woes.

Utande can provide a solution that will keep your guests satisfied, through the new and improved satellite service which has state of the art technology. With speeds of up to 25Mbps, your business transactions will flow more smoothly, no matter how remote you are. Your guests can be guaranteed of reliable, stable and secure connections at any time. To further sweeten the deal, if you sign up you will receive free equipment and installation.

Utande also provides you with adequate 24/7 support so that you never feel stranded. To sign up for this cutting-edge service, please contact

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Utande participates in the ADMA Agri-Show

The Utande Sales team participated in the annual Agricultural Dealers’ and Manufacturers’ Association (ADMA) Agricultural Show, which was held as the Borrowdale Race Course. ADMA is an annual exhibition focused on goods and service displays from the agricultural sector. Utande was one of the exhibitors among the 170 exhibitions at the show.

Those in the agricultural sector can benefit from our new and improved VSAT service which offers over 35Mbps. In addition to the fast speeds, VSAT is the most practical connectivity option for agricultural businesses as it is reliable in remote locations. The advent of Smart Farming solutions requires reliable internet solutions. With our VSAT solutions you are guaranteed of taking your business to greater heights.

Contact to find out more about our VSAT Solutions

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Smartphone uses that are chewing up your data

Binge-watching your favourite film and television shows over your cellular network is obviously a terrible idea. The question is – how bad is it? Video-on-demand streaming services such as Netflix, use about 1GB of data per hour when watching standard definition video, and up to 3GB per hour for HD video.

YouTube automatically adjusts the streaming quality depending on your connection, but also allows users to adjust to meet their specific needs. At the top of the spectrum, steaming in full HD will use 2GB per hour, while the lowest end of the spectrum will use only 337MB per hour.

Music Streaming 

Streaming music on your smartphone is slightly more modest when it comes to data usage with Spotify and Apple Music using roughly 50MB per hour. While seeming reasonable compared to social media and video streaming, the services will still use around 1.3GB of data per month if you were to stream for one hour per day. Of course, this is only using your smartphone to stream in standard quality; a much higher quality stream (at 320 kbps) will use 144MB per hour or 4.32GB per month.


It might come as a surprise, but a mobile mapping service can work its way through a substantial quota of your monthly data allowance. While some of its maps might be cached, this is likely not the case when searching for untraveled routes. Travelling new routes will often see the apps continuously loading map info onto your device, which can use up to a 1MB a minute. While this isn’t too bad, using your map for 10 minute periods over 10 different days will still use 100MB of data.

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Utande Mutare office hosts Cocktail and Business Breakfast

The Utande office from Mutare hosted a “Meet and Greet Cocktail” at Café 111 on Thursday 30 May. This was a chance for Utande clients to unwind the week and take a break. CEO of Dandemutande, Never Ncube, who delivered an address at the event, seized the opportunity to share what Utande has to offer for the Mutare market. Some of this included the upcoming commission of a new base station as well as the advanced VSAT services which have high speeds and reliable connections.  Executives from organisations in Mutare, Chimanimani and Vumba graced the event and also had the opportunity to network with the Utande team from Mutare.

The following morning on the 31st of May, Utande hosted a Business Breakfast. The focus of this breakfast meeting was to share technology trends, as well as to showcase Utande products and services that can enhance business growth. If you are in Mutare and would like hear more about what Utande can do for you, please contact

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Get professional domain and web hosting services from Utande



Utande offers email and website hosting services which are backed up by servers. Our Professional web hosting services allow businesses to benefit from technical support and better web security. Protect your sensitive data and be assured of data backup and restoration. Utande also offers you with your choice of email packages and the latest cyber security solution versions, to ensure your website is fully secure. To find out more about Utande web hosting services contact or visit our website on