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Keeping fit by doing the #UtandeLockdownChallenge

For those who want to loosen up or keep fit, take part in the #UtandeLockdownChallenge. We have shared the challenge onto our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages (@UtandeZW). Search for the #UtandeLockdownChallenge and share your attempt with us. Share this with your family and friends and spread the fun!

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#WebWednesday: Current Social Media Fads


The internet has accepted the Bottle Cap Challenge, and there’s no going back. It has been a week since the action-movie star Jason Statham helped kick-start the excitement which was supposedly started by Roman Kambur on June 20 when he posted a video of himself kicking the cap off a water bottle. Since then, the challenge has taken on a life of its own.

By July 8, Mr. Statham’s viral video had been viewed more than 19 million times and had helped inspire thousands of others around the world to put their own spin on the challenge, using everything from cheap shoes to sports cars. Mariah Carey’s spin took the cup in my own opinion, she didnt even have to lift a single toe:

Lion King 2019 Remake

News of a remake of the Lion King movie surfaced sometime in 2016, this was met with different opinions from different movie fanatics across the globe. The original movie was released back in 1994 and to this day remains the highest grossing hand-drawn animated film of all time. The Lion King has also been a hugely successful Broadway musical for the last 19 years. With less than 2 weeks left to the initial release of the movie, the internet has been buzzing with fans and critiques trying to determine if this remake will be as good as the original. The cast of the remake already has one big name on it as popular musician Beyoncé will be voicing the character of Nala, as well as Donald Glover, Seth Rogen and many more Hollywood entertainment “A-Listers.”

AFCON 2019 Quarter Final: Nigeria v South Africa

The African Cup of nations has been an interesting tournament this year, full of surprises, from Zimbabwe’s shock misses against Uganda to Egypt’s shock defeat against South Africa. One can say a lot of viewers have been left jaw wide open and flabbergasted. After South Africa’s rather unexpected triumph over the hosts, it has yet come face to face with another giant which is none other than Nigeria. South Africans have made their thoughts and opinions known on Social media, as they are not one to shy away from social media pen and canvas. You can follow the action on  #NGARSA, #NGAvsRSA, #AFCON2019, #BafanaBafana and #SuperEagles amongst others.