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Exercise Cyber hygiene to combat security attacks

 A user, whether at home or at work, you should be aware of basic online hygiene which will help you protect yourself, your assets and the organisations you work for. There are many ways of practicing cyber hygiene. Some of them include the following:

Password or PIN

Do not share your password or PIN with anyone. Your password should not be predictable simple, for instance, “john123” is an example of a bad and weak password that will make it easy for the hackers to guess. It is recommended that a password must be at least 8 characters and must include special characters and numeric values or numbers. Avoid using your year of birth for example, as your PIN. Desist from using the same password for several of your accounts. Using the same password for your Gmail, Facebook, Instagram leaves you at risk as breach of one account may lead to breach of all the accounts.

Software Updates(patches)

Update your devices and software regularly
Update your devices and software regularly

Make sure your device (mobile or otherwise) has up to date patches. There is a reason why software has to be updated. If the developer of the software discovers that there are security loopholes in their software, they develop remedies and allow users to download updates. Most people however choose to ignore or totally disable updates, resulting in an increase of their risk exposure. Regular updates are encouraged as this makes it difficult for the bad guys to penetrate your personal device.

Social Media

People who are cyber-criminals create fictitious accounts on social media platforms and befriend their victims. Their aim would be to manipulate their victims to divulge personal information like date of birth, family life and other sensitive information. They can then either sell the information in the dark web or use the information to guess passwords for your other online accounts. Faced with this, please desist from befriending people you do not know as this may get you into problems.

Phishing emails or SMSs

Security researchers say phishing is the most common method that criminals use to steal sensitive information from victims. Phishing involves emails that falsely claim to be from legitimate sites or people which are used in an attempt to obtain the victim’s personal or account information. The innocent looking email comes with a link or laced attachment such that when “clicked”, it will redirect the user to the attacker’s site and ask for a user’s personal information. Meanwhile, the attacker will be harvesting your credentials for their malicious intentions. It is hygienic to always verify the source of the email before you open or click anything in it.

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Smartphone uses that are chewing up your data

Binge-watching your favourite film and television shows over your cellular network is obviously a terrible idea. The question is – how bad is it? Video-on-demand streaming services such as Netflix, use about 1GB of data per hour when watching standard definition video, and up to 3GB per hour for HD video.

YouTube automatically adjusts the streaming quality depending on your connection, but also allows users to adjust to meet their specific needs. At the top of the spectrum, steaming in full HD will use 2GB per hour, while the lowest end of the spectrum will use only 337MB per hour.

Music Streaming 

Streaming music on your smartphone is slightly more modest when it comes to data usage with Spotify and Apple Music using roughly 50MB per hour. While seeming reasonable compared to social media and video streaming, the services will still use around 1.3GB of data per month if you were to stream for one hour per day. Of course, this is only using your smartphone to stream in standard quality; a much higher quality stream (at 320 kbps) will use 144MB per hour or 4.32GB per month.


It might come as a surprise, but a mobile mapping service can work its way through a substantial quota of your monthly data allowance. While some of its maps might be cached, this is likely not the case when searching for untraveled routes. Travelling new routes will often see the apps continuously loading map info onto your device, which can use up to a 1MB a minute. While this isn’t too bad, using your map for 10 minute periods over 10 different days will still use 100MB of data.

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Utande Mutare office hosts Cocktail and Business Breakfast

The Utande office from Mutare hosted a “Meet and Greet Cocktail” at Café 111 on Thursday 30 May. This was a chance for Utande clients to unwind the week and take a break. CEO of Dandemutande, Never Ncube, who delivered an address at the event, seized the opportunity to share what Utande has to offer for the Mutare market. Some of this included the upcoming commission of a new base station as well as the advanced VSAT services which have high speeds and reliable connections.  Executives from organisations in Mutare, Chimanimani and Vumba graced the event and also had the opportunity to network with the Utande team from Mutare.

The following morning on the 31st of May, Utande hosted a Business Breakfast. The focus of this breakfast meeting was to share technology trends, as well as to showcase Utande products and services that can enhance business growth. If you are in Mutare and would like hear more about what Utande can do for you, please contact

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Get professional domain and web hosting services from Utande



Utande offers email and website hosting services which are backed up by servers. Our Professional web hosting services allow businesses to benefit from technical support and better web security. Protect your sensitive data and be assured of data backup and restoration. Utande also offers you with your choice of email packages and the latest cyber security solution versions, to ensure your website is fully secure. To find out more about Utande web hosting services contact or visit our website on

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Utande Mutare office to host Cocktail and Business Breakfast

Utande will be hosting a “Meet and Greet Cocktail” at Café 111 on Thursday 30 May. This is a chance for Utande clients to unwind the week and take a break. The following morning on the 31st of May, Utande will host a Business Breakfast. The focus of this breakfast meeting will be to share technology trends and showcase Utande products and services that will your businesses grow. If you are in Mutare and would like join us for any of these events, please contact

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Beatrice Farmers Association Cricket Tournament

On Saturday 11 May, Beatrice Farmers Association hosted a cricket tournament at the Beatrice Sports Club. Utande was the official connectivity partner of the event. Utande provided a VSAT connection which had speeds of up to 25Mbps to over 150 attendees.  Other teams which participated in the event hailed from Hwedza, Chinhoyi, and Chegutu. However, the Beatrice Bush Pigs successfully defended their turf and won the tournament.

VSAT is a way of providing better connectivity to the internet or for private satellite communications networks in areas where there are unreliable communication networks. For the agricultural sector in Zimbabwe, VSAT plays a critical role in that it helps ease communication and enable smart farming based through IoT technologies. With the advancement of agritech, opportunities will open up in robotics, use of drones and AI to enhance and optimize food production. All this is enabled by fast and reliable connectivity, which can be provided by Utande VSAT.

To sign up for Utande VSAT, contact



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Young Farmers Federation Dinner


Utande were proud sponsors of the Young Farmers Federation dinner which was held on the 9th of May at Jam Tree. Young Farmers Federation is a group made up of passionate young farmers who believe in collaborative, collective efforts towards high yield agricultural systems. Notable guests at the event included commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Cde. Philip Valerio Sibanda, who emphasized the importance of agriculture in rebuilding Zimbabwe.