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Stay connected from anywhere with Utande VSAT


Are you in a remote area? We have the right VSAT connectivity solution to keep you connected. Our new and improved satellite service gives you speeds of up to 35Mbps. This allows you to ensure your business flows more smoothly. For farmers, this solution enables you to practice smart farming and connect to every corner of your farm. For schools, this allows your students to remain online and updated always. For miners, this technology will enable you to better track productivity. For NGOs this technology will help you expand your reach and run your offices no matter how remote you are.

With the ongoing digital transformation, the growing need for increased internet speeds has now extended to our homes. With Utande VSAT, you are guaranteed of reliable, stable and secure connections at any time.

To further Utande also provides you with adequate 24/7 support so that you never feel stranded. To sign up for this cutting-edge service, please contact


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Self-development during downtime

One thing this lockdown has given most of us is TIME. We often complain that we don’t have time to do what we always wanted to do. Here are some things you can do during this downtime:

Read a book

One of the ways to acquire knowledge is through reading. There is so much reading material available whether online or even in physical books. Reading opens up your mind to new ways of thinking and calms the soul. This can become a way to cultivate a reading culture which you carry throughout life.

Cultivate quiet time

Quiet time is time you set apart where you basically spend time with yourself. At times our busy schedules leave us with no “me” time.  For some it’s meditation, for some its prayer or for some it’s time to recollect positive thoughts.

Learn a new skill

For those with a deep desire to learn, then now is the time. This can be through doing an online course, learning a new skill or developing a new trick of the trade. For some it can even be learning how to manage time or learning how to set goals.

Catch up with family and friends

Use this time to call, message or check up on your family and friends. We can all acknowledge that we are social beings. As such there is need to keep connected with others during this time. Make a deliberate effort to keep in touch. Though it can be tempting to spend the whole day chatting, keep in mind that time is precious, so exercise self-discipline as you communicate with your friends and family.

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How your small business can survive this pandemic

There is no doubt that the COVID pandemic has impacted businesses in many ways. For some it has now become a call to innovate and embrace digital transformation. What we can all agree on is that, it has resulted in a mind-set shift which most small businesses may not necessarily have been prepared for. The big question is can small businesses survive this and how? Some of the ways below can help:

Think digital! Think digital!

Movement is now restricted for many. As a business you need to be thinking, “How can I get my product to my customers?” or “How can I sell my products or services within the confines of my community?”. This will require exploring e-commerce, social media marketing and for some even actively using WhatsApp. Even after this pandemic, people will continue to rely on online media to search for products and services. This is now the time to digitally optimise your business, which includes something as simple as having a website, being active on social media or setting up an online ordering system.

Change your focus

When we do return to “normalcy” – whatever the new normal will be, many businesses will be going back to the drawing board and changing focus. This pandemic has impacted economies worldwide and Zimbabwe will definitely be one of them.  As such, some businesses will experience a slump while others will actually boom during this period. Whatever changes may occur in Zimbabwe, fast thinking will be required, as well as being quick to adapt and change focus. Some who were running accounting firms may become market gardeners. What is vital is being open minded to such changes.

Explore hidden talents

Changing focus may be one thing but there is another aspect of hidden talents. Some have hidden talents which they can use to their advantage. For example, if you are good at web design or have a passion for it, now is the time to take advantage of this. This may become a way to earn some extra income.

Stay in touch with your customers

Communication has become key during these times. Even though you are not supplying your customers with anything right now, there is need to keep the relationship alive. This is because when you do decide to diversify or when we bounce back from lock down, you will have a starting point. Communication is also key as it keeps you top of mind.

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Protect your devices against sudden power outages

Electrical appliances will, of course, stop working if the power goes out. This is inconvenient but not necessarily harmful. When electrical power comes back after an outage, it goes through a surge condition. This “tidal wave” of electricity can damage appliances left turned on.

During normal electrical conditions, appliances use electrical current according to their purpose and rating. The AC line voltage is normal and stable, and the motors, heaters and electronics in an appliance behave the way they were designed. The appliance uses a nominal amount of current.

When the utility restores power to an area, the wires, which were empty of electrical current, experience an inrush called a surge. During the surge, electricity flows in rapidly to fill the empty wires. Momentarily, the current flowing in greatly exceeds the nominal current that appliances were designed to handle.

The line voltage can surge when the current does, spiking the normal 220 volt line with 200 volts or more for brief periods. This can happen after blackouts, from lightning strikes, or for other causes. Severe voltage surges can damage or destroy most electrical equipment.

If the power goes out for an extended time, switch off or unplug electric lights and any appliances, including computers, televisions and refrigerators. When the power comes back on, let the electricity stabilize for a few minutes before turning appliances back on. For computers and expensive electronics, invest in power strips with surge suppressors or similar protective equipment.

You can also invest in surge protectors ahead of time. Some power bars come with built in surge protectors, and it’s a good idea to use these especially in places like your entertainment unit and office where your electronics are being used.

Another option is to have a professional electrician come and install a whole house protector. This type of surge protector is typically wired into your service panel or fuse box. While it is a more expensive option, it can save you thousands of dollars in by protecting your appliances, and it can also give you peace of mind, which is hard to put a price on.

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Utande at NASH Conference

Utande exhibited at this years’ annual National Assembly of Secondary School Heads (NASH ) Conference. Over 1500 school heads from around the country attended the conference. The conference was, held in Victoria Falls and ran under the theme “Education: A panacea for middle income Economy”. The conference saw education stakeholders calling for a collective effort in harnessing education towards the realisation of vision 2030

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Are you running a lodge or hotel in a remote location? We have the perfect solution for you

Did you know that business travellers represent the second largest source of revenue for most hotels and lodges? The number one need for these business travellers is fast and free WiFi access. However, slow internet has consistently ranked as the number one complaint among hotel guests. Utande can provide the answer to these woes.

Utande can provide a solution that will keep your guests satisfied, through the new and improved satellite service which has state of the art technology. With speeds of up to 25Mbps, your business transactions will flow more smoothly, no matter how remote you are. Your guests can be guaranteed of reliable, stable and secure connections at any time. To further sweeten the deal, if you sign up you will receive free equipment and installation.

Utande also provides you with adequate 24/7 support so that you never feel stranded. To sign up for this cutting-edge service, please contact

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Utande participates in the ADMA Agri-Show

The Utande Sales team participated in the annual Agricultural Dealers’ and Manufacturers’ Association (ADMA) Agricultural Show, which was held as the Borrowdale Race Course. ADMA is an annual exhibition focused on goods and service displays from the agricultural sector. Utande was one of the exhibitors among the 170 exhibitions at the show.

Those in the agricultural sector can benefit from our new and improved VSAT service which offers over 35Mbps. In addition to the fast speeds, VSAT is the most practical connectivity option for agricultural businesses as it is reliable in remote locations. The advent of Smart Farming solutions requires reliable internet solutions. With our VSAT solutions you are guaranteed of taking your business to greater heights.

Contact to find out more about our VSAT Solutions

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#WebWednesday: Current Social Media Fads


The internet has accepted the Bottle Cap Challenge, and there’s no going back. It has been a week since the action-movie star Jason Statham helped kick-start the excitement which was supposedly started by Roman Kambur on June 20 when he posted a video of himself kicking the cap off a water bottle. Since then, the challenge has taken on a life of its own.

By July 8, Mr. Statham’s viral video had been viewed more than 19 million times and had helped inspire thousands of others around the world to put their own spin on the challenge, using everything from cheap shoes to sports cars. Mariah Carey’s spin took the cup in my own opinion, she didnt even have to lift a single toe:

Lion King 2019 Remake

News of a remake of the Lion King movie surfaced sometime in 2016, this was met with different opinions from different movie fanatics across the globe. The original movie was released back in 1994 and to this day remains the highest grossing hand-drawn animated film of all time. The Lion King has also been a hugely successful Broadway musical for the last 19 years. With less than 2 weeks left to the initial release of the movie, the internet has been buzzing with fans and critiques trying to determine if this remake will be as good as the original. The cast of the remake already has one big name on it as popular musician Beyoncé will be voicing the character of Nala, as well as Donald Glover, Seth Rogen and many more Hollywood entertainment “A-Listers.”

AFCON 2019 Quarter Final: Nigeria v South Africa

The African Cup of nations has been an interesting tournament this year, full of surprises, from Zimbabwe’s shock misses against Uganda to Egypt’s shock defeat against South Africa. One can say a lot of viewers have been left jaw wide open and flabbergasted. After South Africa’s rather unexpected triumph over the hosts, it has yet come face to face with another giant which is none other than Nigeria. South Africans have made their thoughts and opinions known on Social media, as they are not one to shy away from social media pen and canvas. You can follow the action on  #NGARSA, #NGAvsRSA, #AFCON2019, #BafanaBafana and #SuperEagles amongst others.

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Exercise Cyber hygiene to combat security attacks

 A user, whether at home or at work, you should be aware of basic online hygiene which will help you protect yourself, your assets and the organisations you work for. There are many ways of practicing cyber hygiene. Some of them include the following:

Password or PIN

Do not share your password or PIN with anyone. Your password should not be predictable simple, for instance, “john123” is an example of a bad and weak password that will make it easy for the hackers to guess. It is recommended that a password must be at least 8 characters and must include special characters and numeric values or numbers. Avoid using your year of birth for example, as your PIN. Desist from using the same password for several of your accounts. Using the same password for your Gmail, Facebook, Instagram leaves you at risk as breach of one account may lead to breach of all the accounts.

Software Updates(patches)

Update your devices and software regularly
Update your devices and software regularly

Make sure your device (mobile or otherwise) has up to date patches. There is a reason why software has to be updated. If the developer of the software discovers that there are security loopholes in their software, they develop remedies and allow users to download updates. Most people however choose to ignore or totally disable updates, resulting in an increase of their risk exposure. Regular updates are encouraged as this makes it difficult for the bad guys to penetrate your personal device.

Social Media

People who are cyber-criminals create fictitious accounts on social media platforms and befriend their victims. Their aim would be to manipulate their victims to divulge personal information like date of birth, family life and other sensitive information. They can then either sell the information in the dark web or use the information to guess passwords for your other online accounts. Faced with this, please desist from befriending people you do not know as this may get you into problems.

Phishing emails or SMSs

Security researchers say phishing is the most common method that criminals use to steal sensitive information from victims. Phishing involves emails that falsely claim to be from legitimate sites or people which are used in an attempt to obtain the victim’s personal or account information. The innocent looking email comes with a link or laced attachment such that when “clicked”, it will redirect the user to the attacker’s site and ask for a user’s personal information. Meanwhile, the attacker will be harvesting your credentials for their malicious intentions. It is hygienic to always verify the source of the email before you open or click anything in it.

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Smartphone uses that are chewing up your data

Binge-watching your favourite film and television shows over your cellular network is obviously a terrible idea. The question is – how bad is it? Video-on-demand streaming services such as Netflix, use about 1GB of data per hour when watching standard definition video, and up to 3GB per hour for HD video.

YouTube automatically adjusts the streaming quality depending on your connection, but also allows users to adjust to meet their specific needs. At the top of the spectrum, steaming in full HD will use 2GB per hour, while the lowest end of the spectrum will use only 337MB per hour.

Music Streaming 

Streaming music on your smartphone is slightly more modest when it comes to data usage with Spotify and Apple Music using roughly 50MB per hour. While seeming reasonable compared to social media and video streaming, the services will still use around 1.3GB of data per month if you were to stream for one hour per day. Of course, this is only using your smartphone to stream in standard quality; a much higher quality stream (at 320 kbps) will use 144MB per hour or 4.32GB per month.


It might come as a surprise, but a mobile mapping service can work its way through a substantial quota of your monthly data allowance. While some of its maps might be cached, this is likely not the case when searching for untraveled routes. Travelling new routes will often see the apps continuously loading map info onto your device, which can use up to a 1MB a minute. While this isn’t too bad, using your map for 10 minute periods over 10 different days will still use 100MB of data.

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