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Keeping virtual meetings professional: Virtual Meeting Etiquette Tips

Virtual meetings have become an essential part of how to maintain productivity and continuity due to COVID-19. To help keep meetings productive and professional, we will be sharing some tips with you on a regular basis. Here are some tips that can be useful:

Test Technology Beforehand
It is waste of everyone’s time when technical difficulties get in the way of a video conference call. To avoid this, get into your meeting 10 minutes before the start time. That way, you can check that you are able to successfully join the online meeting, Wi-Fi, screen-sharing tools, and any other technologies you are using are functioning properly by the time the meeting starts. Different people use different platforms; therefore, it is important to test and know which platform is being used for a meeting. If there is need to download an app do so.

Be considerate of times zones
When you schedule the meeting, consider everyone’s time zone. Try not to arrange it so that it falls outside a participant’s normal workday. When you cannot avoid this, check in with them personally to make sure that the time is suitable. If you set up regular meetings with the same team members, consider moving the times around so that those people do not always have to attend before or after their scheduled working hours.

Do not leave all of your windows and programmes open
Shut down email and instant messengers before the virtual meeting starts. Not only can this have an effect on how quickly your computer runs and how good the sound quality is, it will also save you any embarrassment if you share screens with someone else. You don’t want your colleagues to view your WhatsApp messages.