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Dandemutande Investments, a leading ICT solutions provider is proud to announce a partnership with Facebook Connectivity to launch Express Wi-Fi in Zimbabwe. This innovative public Wi-Fi deployment initiative is an avenue to keep cities connected, allow for seamless communication channels and entertainment. 

Digital transformation is not a future trend, but it is a present reality. The world has become a digital workplace and playground which is enabled by fast and reliable connectivity. This makes Facebook Connectivity’s Express Wi-Fi platform the ideal public Wi-Fi model as it enables people to connect to Wi-Fi on their phones, computers and other smart devices. 

CEO of Dandemutande, Never Ncube said that this initiative ties in with Dandemutande’s mandate to be the most admired ICT solutions partner. 

“We are proud to have partnered with an innovative company such as Facebook on an initiative that further enhances our vision as an organisation to be a leading ICT Solutions partner locally and in the region. 

The enhanced use of digital platforms worldwide has made internet connectivity a number one priority, hence the need for Express Wi-Fi across the country”, said Ncube. 

The Wi-Fi hotspot service, which is running under the brand, “Express Wi-Fi by Facebook”, will enable Dandemutande to deliver internet connectivity over Facebook’s feature rich Wi-Fi management platform that includes online voucher purchases, reseller management, network optimisation and management amongst other features. 

Express Wi-Fi is a key component of Facebook’s connectivity initiative to bring more people online globally. It seeks to help internet service providers and mobile network operators provide Wi-Fi to those who are under-connected. This is a platform that helps service providers build, operate, grow, and monetize internet access over Wi-Fi in a sustainable and scalable way. Express Wi-Fi currently operates in more than 30 countries, including Brazil, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria, helping millions of people connect to fast, affordable, and reliable Wi-Fi every month.  

Dandemutande has begun deploying Wi-Fi hotspots across Zimbabwe. The Express Wi-Fi portal is user-friendly and initially provides complimentary access to Wi-Fi. Thereafter, a user can purchase vouchers. Express Wi-Fi gives people access to fast, affordable, and reliable internet so they can make connections that matter, download their favorite apps and stream various entertainment channels. 

For further information contact Cassandra Chuimbu-Maseko on