Smart ways to keep your business alive during COVID-19

Focus on the customers you already have:

If you are struggling to bring in new customers, try focusing more on the ones you already have or who are still with you despite the economic downturn. Communicate with them and reassure them as much as possible. Remember your customers are your business’ Number 1 fans. Without them, you would not be the successful business you are today.

Increase your online presence

Now is the time to increase your online presence. You likely already have some of your business functions online. Make use of social media marketing which includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even WhatsApp. Overall, you should play on the platforms where your customers are found.

Make use of video

Using videos to communicate makes your message more personal and interactive with your audience. Now more than ever people are using online meeting platforms, Facebook and Instagram live to interact with their audience. Always ensure that the content you are posting it relevant to your audience for greater impact.

Host online events

Host informative webinars to build trust and attract new customers, or even to employees to take their skills up a notch.

Why is it important to market during Covid-19?

Pandemic or not, marketing to your customers is always an important aspect of running your business. This is because it can help you:

  • Get ahead of your competitors
  • Learn more about your target audience
  • Build on your business relationships
  • Set yourself up for success post-coronavirus