Utande is currently the largest VSAT service provider in the country. Regardless of where you are in Zimbabwe, we offer VSAT services with packages from as little as $27 per month for 5GB and with speeds of up to 35Mbps. VSAT provides you with a secure, uninterrupted network which allows your work to flow more smoothly.

Our mandate as VSAT service providers is to connect remote areas with limited options for connectivity. We essentially bridge the digital divide and ensure hospital, schools, farms, mines and NGOs are always connected.

Why Utande VSAT?

  • High speeds which allow for faster browsing
  • Free data during off peak hours
  • Option of renting out equipment instead of buying is a bonus
  • We have full national coverage
  • We have quick installation turnaround

Contact sales@utande.co.zw to sign up for our VSAT Service.