Most schools have been closed due to the current lockdown and therefore physical lessons have been disrupted. As such many have now opted for home schooling or eLearning. This is not an easy transition for many. However here are some tips that can help:

  • Set and keep a routine

Work on a routine which fits appropriately to your circumstance, work and home schedules. Once you have a routine in place stick to it. Be able to account for the hours spent on each subject or activity.

  • Get your children to be tech savvy

As a result of the busy schedules we have as parents, the bulk of the maneuvering which will be done online, will be done by our children. It’s important that they familiarise with key functions of any gadget they are using.

  • Check in with your child’s advisor or teachers

Teachers and advisors are usually more than willing to connect with parents via email or phone after school hours. Check in if your child is having difficulty managing the online learning platform or staying on task.

  • Encourage physical activity and exercise

Your child will be sitting in front of their computer for long stretches of time. Encourage them to use the breaks in the day to stretch, go for a walk, skip, or play soccer