There is no doubt that the COVID pandemic has impacted businesses in many ways. For some it has now become a call to innovate and embrace digital transformation. What we can all agree on is that, it has resulted in a mind-set shift which most small businesses may not necessarily have been prepared for. The big question is can small businesses survive this and how? Some of the ways below can help:

Think digital! Think digital!

Movement is now restricted for many. As a business you need to be thinking, “How can I get my product to my customers?” or “How can I sell my products or services within the confines of my community?”. This will require exploring e-commerce, social media marketing and for some even actively using WhatsApp. Even after this pandemic, people will continue to rely on online media to search for products and services. This is now the time to digitally optimise your business, which includes something as simple as having a website, being active on social media or setting up an online ordering system.

Change your focus

When we do return to “normalcy” – whatever the new normal will be, many businesses will be going back to the drawing board and changing focus. This pandemic has impacted economies worldwide and Zimbabwe will definitely be one of them.  As such, some businesses will experience a slump while others will actually boom during this period. Whatever changes may occur in Zimbabwe, fast thinking will be required, as well as being quick to adapt and change focus. Some who were running accounting firms may become market gardeners. What is vital is being open minded to such changes.

Explore hidden talents

Changing focus may be one thing but there is another aspect of hidden talents. Some have hidden talents which they can use to their advantage. For example, if you are good at web design or have a passion for it, now is the time to take advantage of this. This may become a way to earn some extra income.

Stay in touch with your customers

Communication has become key during these times. Even though you are not supplying your customers with anything right now, there is need to keep the relationship alive. This is because when you do decide to diversify or when we bounce back from lock down, you will have a starting point. Communication is also key as it keeps you top of mind.