On Saturday 11 May, Beatrice Farmers Association hosted a cricket tournament at the Beatrice Sports Club. Utande was the official connectivity partner of the event. Utande provided a VSAT connection which had speeds of up to 25Mbps to over 150 attendees.  Other teams which participated in the event hailed from Hwedza, Chinhoyi, and Chegutu. However, the Beatrice Bush Pigs successfully defended their turf and won the tournament.

VSAT is a way of providing better connectivity to the internet or for private satellite communications networks in areas where there are unreliable communication networks. For the agricultural sector in Zimbabwe, VSAT plays a critical role in that it helps ease communication and enable smart farming based through IoT technologies. With the advancement of agritech, opportunities will open up in robotics, use of drones and AI to enhance and optimize food production. All this is enabled by fast and reliable connectivity, which can be provided by Utande VSAT.

To sign up for Utande VSAT, contact sales@utande.co.zw