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The experts at Utande explain technical terms and processes in the regular column in The Independent, Techno Talk

Technology in the Sky - Cloud Computing
Utande's Techno talk looks at Cloud Computing and how it is transforming the way we do business.
Date published: 22 March 2013

Business saving costs by turning to Skype
Utande's Techno Talk looks at how businesses are saving on operating costs by turning to Skype - and how easy it is to set up.
Date published: 27 January 2012

Working anywhere through the Internet
The Internet has transformed how we live, and how we work. Techno Talk discusses how to make your remote office work for you.
Date published: 13 January 2012

Why broadband in Zim is considered expensive
Techno Talk looks at the factors that influence broadband cost - and reliability - in Zimbabwe.
Date published: 16 November 2011

What cloud computing really means
Benefits of the cloud explained, including enhanced security and environmental practices!
Date published: 23 December 2011

Utande and its partners in the news

Chips Computing introduces Sage ERP X3 Cloud
Utande Internet Services is supporting Sage with cloud infrastructure.
Date published: 5 June 2012, IT News Africa

Utande was recognized for excellent service and superior speed in POTRAZ's customer satisfaction survey
Date published: 9 October 2014

Techno Talk, Utande's regular newspaper column.