Communication is critical in today’s ever-evolving technological world.  Without an efficient Internet Service Provider (ISP) your business practices are likely to stagnate or be left behind.

Our speed and our technology enables better Internet access and downloads, e-mail, Skype connectivity, online shopping, Internet gaming and online video streaming, to name just a few.

Utande’s corporate bandwidth offering is uncontended and uncapped.

Uncontended Broadband

This means that you do not share your bandwidth with any other organisation.

  • For example, if you purchase 1 Megabit per second (1Mb/s), that is exactly what your company will receive.   Therefore, whatever speed you purchase, this would only be shared between your users who happen to be connected at the same time.
  • A Megabit is the measure of the speed of your Internet link.  Therefore, the higher the number of Mb/s you purchase, the quicker your link and the quicker you can download.

Uncapped Broadband

How much you may download and upload is determined only by the actual maximum potential of the link speed you purchase. There are no variable monthly costs according to how much you have used your link.

All our services are covered by relevant contracts and service level agreements.

Our speed and our technology enables better international Internet roaming, downloads, and connectivity.