Cloud Services

Utande’s Cloud Services are services that can be accessed via the Internet, providing you with a much greater range of computer based services without you incurring the high costs of having to buy the hardware or software required to run your organisation.

Benefits of using Cloud Services

Move your business into the cloud in order to:

  • Improve your business efficiency.
  • Access cutting edge technologies.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Ensure data security and recovery.
  • Control stock and accounts in multiple branches.
  • Back-up your data regularly.
  • Improve business agility.
  • Guarantee quality of service.

Regardless of your Internet Service Provider you can access the cloud

Why use the cloud?

Access to cutting edge technologies

  • Our Data Centre has state-of-the-art technology. 
  • We are able to amalgamate your various business units and house all your data securely in the cloud. 
  • Utande can share your burden of previously relying on multiple carriers which can be difficult to manage and involves multiple costs
  • Our Data Centre can simplify your information technology (IT) requirements so you can concentrate on your core business. 

The Data Centre backbone and core are powered by Cisco’s Service Provider grade technologies ensuring a formidable service to you.

As well as Utande’s remote data archiving services powered by EMC, a global leader in networked storage and delivery of IT as a service, our partnerships ensure that our systems are kept up-to-date with improving technologies. 

We are continually investigating how to enhance our offered services to keep you abreast of these changing technologies and systems.

Efficient delivery of services

Cloud Services provides

  • real-time access to your data and software packages. 
  • businesses with the flexibility to quickly expand (or contract) their IT needs as they evolve over time. 
  • access to your data and our services at an extremely reasonable cost. 
  • access to your date and our services 24/7. 
  • access to your company networks regardless of where your employees are (as long as they have an Internet connection). 
  • support on how best to secure your data.

Cost effective solutions

How to reduce costs:

  • No costs for software licensing
  • Utande continually upgrades software across your business units.
  • Co-location in our Data Centre is an economical way for you to locate your servers in a dependable and suitable environment without having to construct your own primary server or disaster recovery room. 
  • As Utande is a local cloud the cost of bandwidth is drastically reduced and efficiency substantially increased because your data does not have to leave the country on private data links or the Internet. 
  • Available data storage solutions provides de-duplication (high compression) at the source end which allows for reduced bandwidth needs and increased speed of back-up and recovery.
  • The cloud allows a shared infrastructure for your business practices.  

Your IT spend is reduced because you are only paying for that which you require. 



  • Partners with Chips Computing and Deloitte in providing business and accounting software. 
  • Partners with EMC to provide a range of personal and business oriented data storage, back-up and archival services
  • Partners with Microsoft in implementing both in-house and external Exchange, Threat Management, Windows and MS-SQL servers.
  • Partners with Symantec implementing in-house and external Symantec End Point protection systems to protect networks from viruses and spam.
  • Has business to business e-Commerce portals with Postilion financial switches that are interconnected with the VISA network (via Standard Chartered Bank Zimbabwe Limited) and ZimSwitch to provide a site for buyers and sellers to purchase products online.

Software in the Cloud includes:

  • Sage X3, a full ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) System and Sage CRM (Customer Relationship Management) through Chips Computing.
  • X3 implementation skills targeting the Mining Sector with Deloitte.
  • VMware Zimbra hosted e-mail and groupware services
  • Collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Sharepoint.

Data Security and Recovery

  • Utande’s cutting edge technology enables us to ensure that your data is secure and we are advanced in data recovery. 
  • Our ultra-modern Data Centre comprises of all the facilities and controls required by international best practice for Disaster Recovery.
  • Based on the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe guidelines, Utande can assist you with your Disaster Recovery Planning process and can then implement a tailored solution for you. 

Utande’s facilities and controls include:

  • a reliable power supply, as well as high performance generators and UPS units which automatically activate in the event of a power failure,
  • environmental conditioning and monitoring,
  • automatic gas-based fire extinguishing,
  • multi-zone security,
  • a Storage Area Network (SAN) with terabytes of disk capacity, and
  • multiple processors and extensive rack space ensure the safety of your data as well as facilitate the smooth running of your business. 

Utande offers a wide range of cloud-based services:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – Our Data Centre uses state-of-the-art technology through which we are able to provide a dependable system for real-time management and storage of your data.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) – Our virtualised computing environment provides you with servers off-site and allows for a greater provision for storage space.  
  • Storage as a Service - We are able to provide back up and bulk storage at personal and corporate levels on a desktop by deskop basis for back-up, archival and disaster recovery services.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – In conjunction with Chips Computing, our Data Centre provides you with up-to-date business and accounting software packages – as well as other software packages necessary for you to conduct your business affairs. 

Going Green

It is imperative in today’s world to support a greener IT environment.  By us cutting down your hardware and energy requirements by you engaging in a single platform, you are automatically supporting this just cause.

All this enables your company the flexibility and peace of mind to concentrate on your core business.

Contact us today if you would like us to come to your premises and discuss how we can assist your business, or if you would like us to give you a tour of our Data Centre.

All our services are covered by relevant contracts and service level agreements.

Utande’s remote data archiving affiliation, coupled with a partnership with internationally renowned Information Technology Company, EMC2, ensures that its systems are kept up-to-date with improving technologies.